Personal and Life Coaching

Personal and Life Coaching deals with virtually every aspect of life including developing a vision for your whole self, determining your life goals, eliminating tolerations, and making choices and decisions that are vital to your growth and satisfaction. With the exception of counseling and therapy based issues, coaching can be used to bring rewarding results to any challenge that you are facing.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching seeks to help you discover direction and momentum along your educational and career paths. Whether you feel stuck or just motivated to climb to new heights, it helps you find purpose, discover new vision and new opportunities, and experience fulfillment in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps team leaders, managers, and executives clarify their purposes and refine their leadership skills, and in turn coach their team members toward a higher level of success. Within this category is also Sponsored Coaching whereby the leader may choose to have team members be coached in order to improve their skillset, productivity, or other attributes for the benefit of the organization.

Team Facilitation Coaching

Team Facilitation Coaching involves helping teams uncover their goals and destinations, build a list of actions that move the organization in that direction, and assign them to individual team members. Engaging in these guided exercises results not only in new accomplishments for the organizations but also brings unity and strength to core teams through in commonality of purpose and actions that everyone can embrace.

Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Marriage and Family Coaching addresses wounded and broken relatiohships, breaks down communication beariers, provides principles and actions that can be taken to recover what’s been lost, and creates forward progress to bring new life and joy into your relationships. The goals for marriages, dating couples, long term relationships, and families are always the same – HARMONY and HAPPINESS. We will work together to move from crisis, to healing, and on to building your future.

Premarital Coaching / Counseling

Premarital Coaching / Counseling is a set of meetings – usually 4-6 sessions – that addresses commonality of values, family history, an understanding of commitment, and a familiarity with the building blocks of a home prior to making a covenant. It is intended to help couples avoid some of the many pitfalls that every marriage comes across and reduce the possibility of wounds and brokenness. Your chances of a successful marriage increase significantly when you are willing to openly discuss your past and the road ahead beforehand.