What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of helping people discover and unlock their full potential as human beings – moving them from where they are currently in their personal and professional lives, to where they would like to be. This is accomplished by engaging them in powerful conversations about their values, goals, dreams and intentions. Coaches use deep listening skills, ask penetrating questions, and offer unwavering support – all in the context of a confidential relationship. These skills enable individuals (as well as teams) to gain clarity and direction in achieving the extraordinary future they choose for themselves.

Unlike counseling, coaching does not seek to provide answers for people’s problems, nor deal with their past. It focuses solely on the present and on helping people take concrete steps that move them into their preferred future. As such, coaching is not therapy, counseling, mentoring, teaching, or treatment. It is simply a powerful tool used to facilitate personal and/or professional change and transformation.

How is Coaching Done?

Coaching is practiced on an individual basis by appointment with a coach, and is largely done by phone, via tele-coaching (although face-to-face coaching is sometimes practiced). Tele-coaching is the most effective method of coaching – maximizing a client’s time (no travel), energy, financial resources, and schedule. It allows coaching to be done at optimum times and venues most convenient to both client and coach. It also maximizes the coach’s ability to listen more deeply without conventional kinds of distractions.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching involves entering into powerful conversations with a coach (much like you would with a counselor or therapist) which normally last from 30 minutes to an hour in duration. The length of the coaching process is fully dependent upon a client or team’s needs/preferences. Most coaching begins with a three month commitment which will be mutually negotiated between client and coach together for a specific amount of time per month. In this regard, coaching offers great flexibility in its approach.