What About Fees?

Because coaching is a professional service, fees are charged. Fees are negotiated at time of contract and dependent upon the situation and or need.

It’s important to understand that hiring a coach is about investing in yourself. Only YOU can decide that you want to move forward and make changes for new levels of success. Hiring a coach is the natural next step in that process to ensure you are asking yourself all of the right questions and exploring all of the possibilities, as well as engaging in a process of personal accountability.

How Do I Start?

If you or your team is ready to move forward to achieve your goals or increase your performance, coaching might be just what you need. You can get in touch with me by using the contact information contained on this site. Once we have your information I will contact you to setup an initial discussion. That initial discussion is typically a 30 minute session designed to assess your circumstances and goals as well as give you a chance to ask me questions regarding the coaching process.